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Positano 30" Bathroom Vanity  #size_30"  #color_aventurine green
On sale
Beta  21" LED Mirrors #size_21X36Beta 21" LED Mirrors #size_21X36
Beta LED Mirrors Sale priceFrom $278.40 Regular price$464.00
Save $288.00
Positano 12″ Side Cabinet #size_12"  #color_matte whitePositano 12″ Side Cabinet #size_12"  #color_matte white
Positano Side Cabinets Sale price$432.00 Regular price$720.00

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We do furniture and design for many different environments. At home, public spaces, professional spaces, and all the spaces in between.

Leo Huxley

What I admire about art is the unexpected, the originality; architecture is of course the context and the home of what we make.

Simon Macy


The Best Solution

At Homelero, form will always follow function. Our products are beautiful, sleek, fresh, and stylish - but we believe that use and comfort should come first. Our designs always prioritize what is essential: we believe the simplest solution is usually the best solution.


Love of Design

At Homelero, we are motivated by a love of design and a commitment to constant innovation. We are always challenging ourselves to create products that elevate the modest moments in peoples' lives. This means thinking about everyday items in new, original ways, using the most cutting-edge materials, methods, tools, and technologies available.


Built to last

High-quality means thoughtfully designed, well crafted, and built to last. At Homelero, we strive to minimize our footstep on the planet while making durable products that we hope will live with you for a long time. We always hold ourselves to high standards

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